Sunday, October 28, 2012


model: catherine alter
stylist: erin valeria
assistant stylist: bernadette ament
videographer: andreas  damianides

I collaborated with erin again on a mini marie antoinette-inspired period piece a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to work with the lovely cat alter, who was, among other things, such a trooper -- she got a call from her agent while in the middle of hair and makeup about an audition later that day (and let us spray paint her hair silver anyway). After the call, we all jumped into high gear, finished up hair and makeup, hopped in the car, and drove down to exposition park to shoot amongst the roses. Once on location, we only had about an hour to shoot, but everyone worked so well together, and I'm really happy with how everything turned out. Also, don't forget to check out the cool behind the scenes video andreas made (I posted it at the end of the page!)

A cool behind the scenes video thanks to the wonderful andreas damianides:

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